Marjatta Metsovaara (1927-2014)

The Finnish textile artist, who was to play a major role in the modernisation of the Finnish homedesign in the 60's. At the beginning of her career, she was heavily influenced by both Swedish and Danish design.

In 1954, she started her business Metsovaara ltd, and began to run a woven fabric of his father's old offices in the Urdiala. Her design was new, and she got a good start, with strong sales both in Finland and abroad. During her career, she participated in numerous exhibitions and won many awards.

Her vibrant fabrics were printed by Tampella in Tampere. She started out in 1961 work with the belgian textile company Havere Van de Velde, and moved herself there, but the co-operation of Finland continued to. Her most productive years were during 1954-1968.

She has created a style of his own, and printed materials massproducerades. With her technical knowledge and experimented with a variety of materials and led to many successful alliances with other companies such as Artek and the Finn-Flare.


Marjatta med sina tryckta mönster