About us

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"We are the personal textile company with unique Nordic designs since the 50s"

Our textile patterns

All the designs you find with us have a long history and  designed between the 1950s and 1970s. Most of the designs except those from Ljungbergs / Berghemsväveri are reprinted for the first time, which makes them unique. Moreover, they are difficult to find as original prints. We think that the designs have a design that fills the room with a unique and harmonious feeling whether you like bright colors or more sober.

Together with the designers themselves or relatives, we have carefully selected which patterns to print, also the choice of colors and quality.

We have the license (exclusive right) to print and manufacture products in Mari Simmulson's beautiful designs from the 50s .  The agency of the Finnish textile designer Lena Rewell's colorful printed fabrics from the 60s. Resellers of Marjatta Metsovaara designs and also of Ljungberg's designs by Stig Lindberg, Viola Gråsten and Sven Markelius.

This is important to us

The fabrics should be of high quality and made of natural materials such as cotton and linen. We care about Nordic cooperation and that the fabrics should be printed in the Nordic region. The manufacturing process should be as gentle as possible to our environment. All products produced by the fabrics are manufactured in Sweden.

All fabrics are printed at the Finnish printing house Print Scorpio in Aitoo a few miles from Tampere. If you want to know more about how they work their history and policy please visit their website 


From a sober Swedish 50s to a colorful Finnish 60s. Finally, they are here and we hope you will appreciate the fabrics and products as much as we do.

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